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Stem Cell Therapy

Now offering regenerative therapy alternative when conservative treatment fails, that can reduce the pain and disability associated with a variety of inflammatory and degenerative conditions, without surgery including:

For Patients
Suffering From:
Pain & Swelling
Restricted Joint Range
Of motion
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles Tendinosis
  • Joint Tendinitis
  • Ligament Damage
Regenerative Therapy

Is Heel Pain Keeping You Down?

Ask Dr. Merrick Horn about a new regenerative injectable that harnesses nature's own healing powers to reduce the pain and disability associated with plantar fascitis and other inflammatory conditions of the foot.

A simple in-office injection of CLARIX FLO™ can safely and reliably get you back on your feet again!

Clarix FLO
Eliminate Pain & Inflammation with a Simple Injection

Leap into the Future of Functional Recovery with Clarix injections in Sports Medicine

What is Clarix?

Clarix is an umbilical cord allograft that promotes restorative healing within the body in order to quickly and safely helps patients return to active lifestyles.

How does Clarix work?

Dr. Merrick Horn performs Clarix injections into injured/ painful areas, promoting a supportive healing environment for injuries of the joints and soft tissues.

What are the benefits of Clarix injections?

Clarix injections offer the natural biology of umbilical cord to orchestrate a healing environment conducive to functional recovery.

How is Clarix different from other stem cell injections?

After decades of research into the underlying biology and clinical benefits of amniotic tissue, Clarix injectable is a proprietary preservation process that provides an allograft solution that is structurally and biologically equivalent to the original tissue, delivering more of what patient needs and less of what they do not. Unlike other types of stem cell injections, Clarix is consistent due to its biological makeup.

What types of injuries / conditions is Clarix used for?

Clarix is used to promote a favorable healing environment across a variety of sports medicine and orthopedic procedures including:

*Tendon/ligament repair
*Plantar Fasciitis
*Achilles Tendinosis
*Fractures and Non-Unions
*Joint pain
*Ligament Injuries
*Tendon Ruptures
*Shin Splints