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Sports Medicine

The ankle is a part of the body that is particularly prone to sports injuries. The ankle is made up of bands called ligaments that connect the bones together to form the ankle joint. The ligaments make the ankle stable by restricting its side to side motion. When one of these ligaments is injured, this can result in a painful condition called a sprain. Other common injuries of the ankle also include fractures of the bone or cartilage or tears in the ligaments or tendons.

Ankle injuries commonly occur during active sports due to a fall, misstep, twisting motion or hard knock to the area, causing the ankle to go out of its normal position. Running, jumping, falling, over exertion and wearing ill-fitting shoes can all lead to a sports injury.

The symptoms of a sprained ankle can include pain, swelling, bruising and stiffness which will all make walking on it very difficult. The best way to initially treat a sprain is with the RICE method - rest, ice, compression (bandaging the area) and elevation. Advil and Tylenol can be taken to alleviate the pain. However, if the swelling and pain does not subside after a day or two, it is important to seek medical attention. An ankle injury should not be neglected as it can lead to greater problems in the future. All ankle injuries should be diagnosed and treated properly.

It is always important to wear shoes that fit properly, but it's particularly important when participating in sports activities. Different sports require different shoes and it's worth the time and investment to look into it. Shoes have to be supportive and allow you to move properly to help avoid the missteps / mishaps that lead to sports injuries.