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Pedatric Foot Care/Flat Feet

Many foot disorders are inherited or are passed down genetically. Because many people are already born with a predisposition for certain conditions – such as bunions, hammertoes, flat feet and gait problems as well as knee, hip and lower back pains –it means that many of these issues can be addressed and prevented early on. This is a huge part of pediatric foot care, and problems that may begin to exhibit themselves early on can be targeted and treated before creating a lifelong issue.

One foot deformity that often occurs during childhood as children are growing and developing at a rather quick rate, as opposed to other points in life, is flat feet. Flat feet is a condition where the inner arch of the foot does not develop fully or at all, meaning that the entire foot lays flat on the ground when standing still. Many people do not exhibit issues with flat feet but there are those who express that they regularly experience pain due to a lack of inner arch balance. If a child begins to develop flat feet, special inserts can be provided by our doctor, Dr. Horn, that can help the inner arch develop which can in turn provide the foot with more support.

There are plenty of other foot related problems that our doctors can help treat, including problems with walking or gait that may need to be targeted early on. Our doctors can help prescribe special shoes, children’s orthotics and other devices that may help with growth deformities and other concerns that may arise as a child begins and continues to grow. Even more common foot ailments such as ingrown nails or injuries can easily be treated in order to restore their foot health and get them back on their feet in no time.